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Xerox Machine Rental Service

Xerox Machine Rental Service

Even though the photocopier has now become ubiquitous in offices and establishments throughout the world they involve a significant expense which might not always be affordable for small and medium enterprises. Option of Xerox Machine Rental Service then comes in line.

Xerox Machine Rental Service is one of the best options for businesses who don’t want to add to the significant capital outlay that afflicts emergent businesses. This substantial sum can be better used in some other more critical infrastructure which has to be acquired.

Copier technology like any other field of modern science is a dynamic one and is progressing at an extremely fast rate. Advances in technology could render your copier near obsolete in a very short while indeed. With the help of copier rentals you could keep upgrading to new and more economical machines which are packed with innovative features.

In addition to these, most Xerox Machine Rental Service rental agreements allow for a service clause. This way in the event that the machine malfunctions or needs replacements you do not really have to worry about the hassles of running after the services.

Before you get into an agreement with a particular vendor scrutinize your needs. Find out the average number of copies that your firm needs in a month and then decide on a low medium or high volume copier. See if there are any special features that you need in your copier like image enhancements etc.

Questions that a consumer should ask before choosing the Xerox Machine Rental Service

  • How long have you been in the photocopier rental business?
  • What is the policy on breakdown?
  • Is there a time limit for repair response?
  • How many in-house technicians are available for this model in the local area?
  • How much of your business is copier rental?

Why Us?
We are providing Sales, services, spares parts and consumables supply of Xerox machines and printer machines. We have been working in this area from last 9-10 years & having an outstanding relationship with our clients, as we are providing best service at very reasonable rate. We have very talented and dedicated team.

Our regular services include

  • Sales of newly manufactured and reconditioned photocopy machine.
  • Sales of photocopy machine at Hire purchase.
  • Annual Maintenance contract at per copy rate.
  • Rental contract of photocopy machine at very reasonable rate

According to requirement of our clients, we have various models of analog and digital machines with outstanding performance. It gives you all features, you need to improve productivity. Our machines are environment friendly. We are working with our customers to help preserve the planet.

So, what more do you need? Save time and money, and make your employee free to add more value to your company.

We Also Provide

  • Copier, Service, Supplies of Spare Parts & consumables (Excluding photocopy Paper) are provided by NUCON Equipment
  • In addition we provide free training on all copiers and printers unit we rent
  • Unfortunately there are times when a copier will break down by any major problem than a standby machine will provide by us within 12 hours
  • Engineers support for special late night copy work
  • High speed & heavy duty machines
  • Heavy copy capacity – 100 copy to 5,000 copies per day
  • Our Express service: Our mobile technical support team provides express service support around the clock

Our technician will call you immediately after receiving your service call. Thanks to digital copier technology many times the problem can be fixed over the telephone. If we find that we need to come to your office for service, we will be there in 30 minutes to 2 hours.

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